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The Junior Historical Society
The Riparian Newspaper
Broad Ripple High School
Indianapolis, Indiana

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Does this view look familiar? It wouldn't unless you had been in Broad Ripple more than 40 years ago. The Aerial photo, taken sometime between 1913 and 1933, shows the bend in White River and south of it. The dirt road on the left, then called Marion Road, is now Compton Street. To the right of Compton is the school building constructed in 1913. This section of the Ripple building was torn down in 1967 and replaced by a modern addition. The building to the right of the 1913 building was the original school constructed in 1884. This structure housed the bell that is now located in the main office. South of these buildings is the Cottage. Around the river's bend is Broad Ripple Park, then called White City. The roller coaster, ferris wheel, and other midway amusements attracted many visitors annually.


    Broad Ripple Park, a once great tourist attraction, interurban tracks running through Broad Ripple-these and many more fascinating facts can be read about in A History of Broad Ripple.

    This history began as a Lilly Scholarship project by Steve Savage, '65 Ripple grad. Steve spent approximately two years in research and wrote the first detailed manuscript.

    At the same time Steve began the project, the Junior Historical Society and the Riparian also began collecting historical data. In 1966, both organizations started the process of completing the history, yet this project was never finished.

    Then Marcia Sakowitz and Kris Wilcox took up the project the next year. During the 1967-68 school year, Marcia, along with Christie Hughes and Sandy Satinsky, corrected and completed the history and prepared it for publication.

    Serving as supervisors and consultants for the project were Mrs. Ruth Marie Griggs, director of publications, and J. Raymond Hall, Junior Historical Society sponsor.

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Cover and Forward (current page)
1878 Surveyor's Record of Broad Ripple
Chapter One - Coil Starts Settlement
Chapter Two - Ripple Linked To City
Chapter Three - Canal Creates Rivalry
Chapter Four - Villages Start Schools
Chapter Five - Religious Life Grows
Chapter Six - Social Life Develops
Chapter Seven - Canal Villages Thrive
Chapter Eight - Trolleys Aid Travel
Chapter Nine - Farmer Shakes Jail
Chapter Ten - Floods Ravage Town
Chapter Eleven - Park Attracts Visitors
Chapter Twelve - BRHS Joins City
Chapter Twelve - Errata
Chapter Thirteen - City Annexes Village

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